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Patients & Family
At Manzil, we take pride in providing quality patient-centered medical and nursing care to every patient we serve. Our goal is to provide our patients the best possible health care services, whether you live in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, or Dubai. We have highly trained nurses, physicians and therapists who will look after your needs and ensure that any patient or family concerns are adequately resolved. You or your loved one may benefit from home health services if suffering from temporary or long-term immobility, need to consult a doctor for a non-emergent ailment, was recently hospitalized or underwent surgery, managing a chronic illness such as diabetes and COPD, or require clinical care for a neurological condition.

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Referral Providers
Our referral process makes it easy to offer your patients home health care. You can refer your patients by contacting us directly for home nursing and other medical services. Once we have received the medical report, our team will manage the entire process for providing home care....
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Doctor At Home Services
Our Doctor at Home service brings healthcare to your doorstep by arranging to have a highly qualified GP physician consult with patients in the comfort of their home. We bring doctors to your home to offer you highly .....
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